Best Nintendo Switch Control In 2022

While there are a few Nintendo Switch controllers that stand out above the others in terms of quality, the most crucial factor to consider before purchasing an additional controller for your Switch is your own personal gaming preferences and style. 

If you play virtually exclusively in handheld mode, you may just need to purchase a few more Joy-Cons to accommodate your needs. Depending on the game you wish to play, there are various types of controllers that are popular with that game, such as GameCube-style controllers with “Super Smash Bros.,” which are popular with that game.

So, we will be looking at the best Nintendo Switch Control. Before starting with the list, let us see how to choose the best Nintendo Switch Control.

How To Choose The Best Nintendo Switch Control?

First and foremost, while selecting the best Nintendo Switch Control, you must choose the form factor you like. Perhaps you prefer a controller that is more in the form of a PlayStation or Xbox controller, or perhaps you prefer the Joy-Cons that come along with the Nintendo Switch console. 

Alternatively, you could want a completely different design to better fit the games you’re now enjoying. Make a decision on this first before proceeding. The next important issue is whether to use a wired or wireless connection. The switch supports both Bluetooth and USB connections, however, if you’re playing it away from a Docked Switch or using a dockless Switch Lite, you’ll only have one USB-C port available for connection. 

If you want to take your Switch with you when you go out and about, Bluetooth is probably the best choice for you. If you desire or want the unique features of the basic Nintendo Switch controllers, such as rumble, motion controls, and NFC, the final major consideration when selecting the best Nintendo Switch controller is whether you want or require them. 

To enjoy gaming on the Switch, you don’t need any of these accessories; but, if you have any Amiibos or play games that need motion controls, you’ll need a controller that can accommodate these features. Rumble is less important, but it is still a matter of choice that you should consider when making a purchasing decision on Nintendo switch remote control

Now, we will see a list of the best Nintendo switch remote control in the upcoming section!

Best Nintendo Switch Remote Control In 2022

  1. Official Nintendo Remote Control Light Switch

The official remote control light switch is the first name on this list. When it comes to a pro-style controller, there are two things that you should look for: feel and performance. The Switch Pro Controller from Nintendo satisfies both requirements. The Pro Controller is very well-suited to the hands of most adults, with just the appropriate amount of weight, pleasant and responsive buttons and sticks, as well as a plethora of bells and whistles. 

The battery life of the official remote control light switch is also remarkable, beating both the DualShock4 and the Wireless Controller on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, respectively. The sole disadvantage of the Pro Controller is that being a first-party Nintendo product, it is only sometimes available for purchase. 

The most probable price for one will be $60, so plan on spending that much money. Despite the fact that it costs more than most other Nintendo Switch control, it is well worth the investment.

  1. PowerA Enhanced Nintendo Switch Control

PowerA is a well-established name in the world of video gaming peripherals. The Enhanced Wireless Controller, a clone of the company’s Pro Controller, is our choice for the finest 3rd party controller for the Nintendo Switch. This enhanced wireless controller will last as long as you need it to, thanks to its exceptional battery life, which is recharged via the provided USB-C to USB-A connector. 

Because it is a third-party device, you are more likely to discover the Enhanced Wireless Controller on sale than you are to find a Pro Controller, which means you may save anywhere from $10 to $20 on the Enhanced Wireless Controller over the Pro Controller on a regular basis. 

There have been some complaints of the thumbsticks in the Enhanced acquiring a worryingly rapid drift, while the general reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, and we haven’t personally seen this issue. The Enhanced does not allow the reading of Amiibo figure chips, nor does it offer rumbling functions. 

Aside from those drawbacks, you gain the opportunity to remap your buttons controller-side, which means you can change out button functions even if the game’s settings don’t allow it. This is a boon for accessibility for those gamers with impairments, as well as for those who like their cancel button and accept button to be the same across all of their favourite games.

  1. 8Bit Do Arcade Stick 

If you’re a fan of vintage gaming or 2D fighting games, you’re definitely aware of the importance of having a nice arcade wireless switch control in your collection. The 8BitDo Arcade Stick, which replaces the two analogue sticks with a single joystick, provides a classic cabinet feel with a wonderful, clicky, responsive gumball stick and springy, clicky buttons that are completely customizable. 

The Arcade Stick is a one-of-a-kind gaming accessory that is exclusively suitable for certain games. For example, due to the absence of a second stick, attempting to play “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” with this controller would be impossible due to the limited functionality. 

The option is yours whether or whether you want to play a game like “Street Fighter 30th Anniversary” or “Mortal Kombat 11” or “Dragon Ball FighterZ” in which you have complete control over your champion. As seen by their widespread use in high-level fighting-game competitions such as EVO, arcade sticks are unquestionably the better choice when it comes to fighting games other than “Smash Bros.” 

Your old-school arcade beat-em-ups, shoot-em-ups, and score-em-ups will also seem more authentic as a result of this improvement. When you consider that tournament-quality arcade sticks may cost upwards of $200-$250, the Arcade Stick is among the more costly controllers we’re looking at, with a starting price of $90. 

However, it’s really rather reasonable when compared to other arcade sticks available across all platforms. It’s a great suggestion for the best Nintendo wireless Switch control for arcade games if your library has enough titles to make use of the Arcade Stick’s capabilities.

  1. Hori Split Pad Pro

Until recently, all of the Nintendo wireless control Switch have been distinct devices that have been specifically developed for use with television games. Hori’s Split Pad Pro, which serves as a substitute for the Joy-Con in handheld mode, provides a somewhat different level of improvement. 

With the Split Pad Pro, Nintendo hopes to transfer the distinct controller experience to the portable Switch by enlarging the unit’s sides and depth, providing a rounder grip, sizing up all of the buttons and analogue sticks, and substituting a genuine direction pad for the Joy-“button Con’s pad.” 

Our own preference is for the increased size and weight to be unnoticeable, while toddlers and people with tiny hands may find the Switch to be awkward at first, especially with the Split Pad Pro in place. The Switch screen can still be pushed into the dock even while the Split Pad Pro is attached; there is enough room between the grips of this wireless control switch that it should not interfere with a successful connection. 

Both the left and right grips of the Split Pad Pro include two extra buttons that can be programmed, enabling you to truly add new functionality over and beyond what you could do with a single Joy-Con. Action and adventure games like “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” and “Mario Odyssey” benefit immensely from the Split Pad Pro, but bear in mind that certain functionality, such as motion controls, rumble, NFC, and IR, is lost as a result.

  1. Nintendo Joy-Con Control Wheel

When Karting, motion controls with the small, single Joy-Con are immensely difficult, and merely slicking a Joy-Con into one of these plastic wheels gives you a better idea of how much tilt is the proper amount of tilt to make your turns move faster. 

Is there another use for these plastic frames? In no way, shape, or form. However, they perform flawlessly for their intended purpose, and since they are manufactured by Nintendo, the plastic is of great quality, and the fit for the Joy-Con is faultless as a result.

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