Best PS5 Controller For Ultimate Gaming Experience

ps5 controller

Because of its particular rumbling qualities, the PS5 controller provides more immersive gaming experiences than previous models. Many gamers, on the other hand, like to have a range of gamepad options to choose from depending on their gaming preferences. Although there are not many third-party options, numerous firms specialise in custom PS5 controller. The DualSense … Read more

The Perfect Guide On PS4 Vs PS5

ps4 vs ps5

After much anticipation, the Sony PlayStation 5 has finally arrived and although it may not be the world’s fastest system, it is a major leap over the PlayStation 4. The PS5 console outperforms the PS4 in practically every manner, including a completely redesigned architecture, improved resolution support, and speedier storage thanks to an integrated SSD. … Read more

Best PS5 Headsets For Great Gaming Experience

ps5 headsets

The best PS5 headphones provide a more personal approach to experience rich in-game audio while also allowing you to communicate with friends through the built-in microphone. Even sophisticated 3D audio capabilities are supported by the PS5, which may be supplied via various headsets to provide an even more immersive audio experience. Today, we will be … Read more

Complete Guide On App Lock For PC

app lock for pc

Windows has always had a slew of essential programmes that we enjoy, and this hasn’t changed. Furthermore, with the introduction of Windows 10 and its Universal apps platform, the number of Windows 10 applications is increasing at an exponential rate. Even the most popular chat and social media applications, such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, … Read more

Best Nintendo Switch Control In 2022

Best Nintendo Switch Control

While there are a few Nintendo Switch controllers that stand out above the others in terms of quality, the most crucial factor to consider before purchasing an additional controller for your Switch is your own personal gaming preferences and style.  If you play virtually exclusively in handheld mode, you may just need to purchase a … Read more

Complete Guide on How To Stream Netflix On Discord?

how to stream netflix on discord

Netflix has quickly established itself as the go-to entertainment source for hundreds of thousands of consumers across the globe. Everything from vintage library movies to Netflix originals is available on the streaming service, so there’s something for everyone hence it is very important nowadays that people know how to stream Netflix on Discord.  If you … Read more

Complete Guide On How To Add Music To Instagram Post effectively


Instagram has been rolling out a slew of new video-centric features since officially announcing that it is no longer a photo-sharing application. While the firm has already embraced music for Instagram Stories and Reels, the company is now experimenting with the idea of including music in feed postings, according to reports. Going forward in this … Read more

Best VR Games Without Controller In 2022

VR games without controller

Even though virtual reality is still in its infancy as the industry works to refine what the technology is capable of, this does not exclude you from having a good time with it.  And, to top it all off, you don’t have to invest hundreds of dollars in specialized virtual reality equipment.   So, here’s our … Read more