Complete Guide On How To Add Music To Instagram Post effectively

Instagram has been rolling out a slew of new video-centric features since officially announcing that it is no longer a photo-sharing application. While the firm has already embraced music for Instagram Stories and Reels, the company is now experimenting with the idea of including music in feed postings, according to reports.

Going forward in this article, we will see how to add music to Instagram post! Till the end of this article, you will learn everything related to how to add music to Instagram post.

How To Add Music To Instagram Post Using Official Application?

Let us begin our guide on how to add music in Instagram post. India, Brazil, and Turkey are among the countries where Instagram is now testing music on feed postings. Even if you live in one of these places, you may not see a difference right now since, as previously said, the rollout is restricted in nature. 

You may verify whether you have the functionality by following the steps outlined below. Furthermore, you may learn how to add music in Instagram post:

  • Select a picture and move to the last page of the post-creation interface when you have finished with the image selection in the process to add music on Instagram post. As you may be aware, you can make a new post by tapping the ‘+’ symbol located in the top-right corner of the app’s home screen. Once you’ve selected the photograph you’d want to publish on Instagram, click on “Post.”
  • On the next page to add music on Instagram post, once you’ve selected the filters and edited the picture, you’ll notice a new “Add Music” option that you may pick. Additionally, a carousel of currently popular songs is located underneath it. You have two options: either choose one of the currently popular songs and choose the section of the song you wish to utilise or search for a song of your own. From 5 seconds to 90 seconds, the length of the footage is entirely up to the user.
  • Selecting the “Add Music” option will bring up the music collection for you to browse. It comes with a “For You” suggestions page and a “Browse” button that allows you to find new music that you may include in your Instagram post. Choose the track and the appropriate section, and you’re good to go to add music on Instagram post.
  • You may then publish the photo to Instagram, where it will display in your followers’ feeds along with the music you choose. In a similar fashion to Instagram videos, viewers have the option to turn off the music by touching the speaker symbol in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

By following these simple steps, you can easily add music in Instagram post. Now, we will see how to add music to Instagram post using a third-party app!

How To Add Music To Instagram Post Using Third-Party Applications

If you have not yet received the official option to include music in your posts, you may still include music in your Instagram posts by utilising a video editing programme such as Video Editor. 

Instead of directly depending on Instagram’s music collection, you may opt to produce a short film using a picture and a video editing programme, rather than relying on Instagram’s music library. 

Adding music that isn’t already in Instagram’s music collection gives you the freedom to customise your experience. For this article, we will be using the VN video editor, but you can discover comparable video editor applications in our review of the top free video editors if you search for them on Google. 

Now to know how to add music to Instagram post, follow the procedures outlined below:

  • Create a new project by downloading and opening VN Editor (available for Android and iOS). To do so, choose “New Project” from the bottom navigation bar and tap on it.
  • When the file picker displays, choose the “Photo” option and select the picture that you wish to share on Instagram. 
  • Select “Original” from the top bar and choose either 1:1 or 4:5 as the frame ratio. When it comes to Instagram posts, both of these frame ratios are ideal, and when it comes to a square layout, a 1:1 ratio is the greatest choice.
  • Adding music to your Instagram post is as simple as tapping on the Music area of the video timeline and selecting “Music” from the pop-up “Insert” menu that appears. You may also pick from the effects that come pre-installed with the editor. For example, in this movie, we have utilised the rain effect to great advantage.
  • You are now ready to export the video from your computer. Ensure that the “Directed by Input Title>” portion at the end of the video timeline is removed if it isn’t required before proceeding. To get rid of this section, select it and press the “Delete” button on your keyboard.
  • Click on the “Export” icon in the upper-right corner of the screen and adjust the video quality and frame rate as necessary. When you’re finished, click on the checkmark button at the bottom of the screen to export the video.
  • In order to add music to Instagram video post, give the video a name of your choosing and then press the “Save to album” button. Once you’ve finished, choose it from the Post Picker interface on Instagram and share it with your followers.

This process will add music to Instagram video post. Now, we will see how to add music to Instagram post or reels.

How To Add Music To Instagram Reels?

There are two methods to include music in your Instagram reels, just as there are two ways to use music in Instagram Stories. It is possible to utilise either the Instagram app or an online video editor such as InVideo.

  1. From App

The quickest and most straightforward method of including music in your Instagram Reels is to do it directly from the app. Using the Instagram app to include the original source of music is advised when building a reel based on a current trend in order to reach a larger audience. 

This increases the likelihood that your material will be found on the explore page for that trend. Listed below is a fast step-by-step guide on how to incorporate music into your Instagram reels:

  • You may either capture your video directly on Instagram or just upload a video to the app. It’s time to publish your video to Instagram after you’ve finished editing. To do so, open the Instagram application. Go to the “Your Story” icon in the upper left corner of the app and then choose “Reels” from the dropdown menu.
  • To upload your movie, tap on the “browse” button at the bottom left of your screen or just swipe up from your current position. You should be able to view your video on the screen when it has been posted. Simply press on the “preview” button to see it if you don’t already see it.
  • Now, on the top menu of your screen, choose “music” from the drop-down menu.
  • If your video already has sound, you will see a screen with two audio sources. If your movie does not have sound, continue to step 5. You may adjust the volume of the camera audio as needed. Then, on the right-hand side of the screen, tap on the “Add music” option to include a song or piece of music in your Instagram Reel.
  • Locate and pick the music that you wish to include in your reel at this point. Instagram will show you the most recent songs that have been trending on reels, and you can touch on the play button to hear a sample of the song before purchasing it.
  • Use your finger to go through the words on the screen so that you may adjust your music to match your reel. You may also make changes to your music by toggling the bar at the bottom of the screen. By dragging and modifying the timeline, you may easily go to a different stanza of the song in a matter of seconds.
  • In order to change your music, just click on the “delete” symbol and then add a new song by following the instructions outlined in Steps 1 through 6. Then, after you’re through with your music adjustments, click “Done.”
  • To adjust the volume of the film and music, just drag the controls up or down. Make sure that the original sound in your video, as well as the sound of the music or song you’ve added, don’t conflict with each other in any way. You may also use the ‘edit’ button to make changes to the song.

How To Add Music To Instagram Post Using TikTok?

Another approach to include music in your Instagram feed is to upload a music video that you’ve recorded on TikTok and share it with your followers. This app, if you’re not already aware of it, is a video-sharing platform that was initially intended for the purpose of sharing lip-sync videos. 

It’s completely free to download and use, and it comes with a huge collection of licenced sounds and tunes that you can use to enhance your films with. The software enables you to record a whole video in a single take or in bite-sized fragments, depending on your preference. 

In addition, you have the option of uploading a previously recorded video from your Camera Roll. What you need to know about making a TikTok video and sharing it on Instagram is as follows:

  • Launch the TikTok application.
  • At the bottom of the screen, click on the plus sign (+).
  • To activate the sounds, click on the Sounds button at the top-centre of the screen.
  • Navigate to the music you wish to utilise and search for it there.
  • To include a song in your video, choose it and click on the red checkmark that appears to the right of the song title.
  • To begin recording your video, press the record button.
  • When you’re done recording, click the checkmark to confirm your decision.
  • Add any effects, texts, or filters that you like, then click Next at the bottom-right of the screen to finish the process.
  • Fill in the blanks with your caption and hit the Post button at the bottom-right of the screen.
  • Navigate to your freshly released TikTok video and click on the Share button.
  • Select the Instagram symbol from the drop-down menu.
  • Toggle the Feed button.
  • Publish your Instagram post in the same manner as you would usually and that is how to add music to instagram post.

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