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Truecaller is the most widely used true search service in the world, and it is also the greatest caller identification software for Android and iOS devices. This week, we’ll talk about the Truecaller Unlist Feature and how to unlist or remove a phone number from the real caller number search results. Each and every smartphone user, whether they have an Android or an IOS device, make use of the Truecaller programme on their smartphone. 

In today’s world, it is more helpful to filter unfamiliar calls and even prevent spam calls, which might cause consumers to be disturbed all of the time. When removing your mobile or landline number from Truecaller, you may ensure that the number will not be featured in the 

Truecaller search results in particular instances, such as when moving or changing phones. 

We’ll look at various details about www Truecaller com unlist number. Before you continue, you should be aware that after the number has been erased from the Truecaller database, it will no longer be visible to others when you are calling and will no longer be searchable.

Process Of WWW Truecaller Com Unlist Phone Number

The first step to unlist the phone number is to deactivate the Truecaller account associated with the phone number you want to remove from the list. If the phone number you want to have deleted or unlisted from Truecaller. 

So, let’s start our guide on to unlist your phone number. Truecaller is a smartphone application that you may use to identify unknown callers.

  • Navigate to the menu bar at the top left of the screen.
  • Select the Settings option from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, choose the Privacy Center from the drop-down menu.
  • On the new screen, choose the Deactivate option from the list. A new window will display for you to confirm your selection. Select ‘Yes’ from the drop-down menu. Your Truecaller account will be terminated as a result of this action.

Once the Truecaller account has been deactivated, you will be able to proceed to the next step. Open the website (www Truecaller com unlist) on your mobile or desktop browser and follow the on-screen instructions. Previously, the TrueCaller website displayed the nation in a list, and you simply needed to input the mobile/phone number in the supplied box after choosing the country. 

However, this has changed. However, this has since been altered, and you will now be required to manually input the whole phone number, including the country code. So, to delete a phone number from TrueCaller, follow the pattern that contains the + sign or 00 followed by the country code, followed by the actual phone number. E.g., If you want to remove a United States phone number from Truecaller, for example, if the number is 234 567 7890, you must enter the number +1234567890 to have the United States phone number removed from the TrueCaller system. 

To do the same with an Indian phone number, say 9012345678, enter the number with the Indian country code +919012345678 instead of the number with the Indian country code +919012345678. In this case, the country codes for the United States and India are represented by the numbers +1 and +91, respectively, in the international format. Consequently, in your instance, you must supply your country code (the code for the nation in which the number is assigned). 

Following the entry of the number, choose the I am not a robot option for verification, and then select the Unlist button to complete the process. A confirmation box will now display, requesting your permission to proceed. It is completed by clicking on the Unlist button on the Popup window. 

Last but not least, www Truecaller com unlist number will display another popup window, in which you can view the statement stating that TrueCaller will erase your phone number from its database within the following 24 hours. Keep in mind that once a number is removed from the list, it will take some time for the change to take effect. The number will still be displayed in the search results for a few hours, and it will most likely be completely gone within a day or two at the most.

Now you know how to www Truecaller com unlist number! Now, we will answer few questions related to www Truecaller com unlist number!

  1. Is it possible to remove a Truecaller number from the Truecaller Mobile App?

No, in order to remove phone numbers from Truecaller’s database, you must first visit the company’s official website, which is www Truecaller com unlist number. You may access the genuine caller website from either your mobile device or your computer. Truecaller should be turned off. Is it necessary to have a Truecaller account in order to remove a number from the service?

Yes, you must first remove your Truecaller account before proceeding. Only in this case may the number be removed from Truecaller’s database.

  1. How can I go to the Truecaller unlisting page?

By visiting on your mobile device or desktop computer, you may request to be removed from the Truecaller database.

  1. What is causing the name to remain visible even after logging out of TrueCaller?

If you want to remove a phone number from the Truecaller website, the procedure will take some time to complete. It might take up to 24 hours for the changes to be reflected in the system.

The name will be shown first, and you will not notice any changes till after that. Once the removal process is complete, the name will be removed from the phone number and no name will be shown in the caller ID window.

  1. Why is the website not accessible from my country?

Truecaller is a worldwide service that is accessible in all nations, as we all know. However, the service is not accessible in many countries, particularly in nations in the Middle East. If you put www Truecaller com into your browser’s URL bar, you may not be able to access the website. 

It is because of local regulations and the restriction of the service in that specific location that this is the situation. If you still want to be able to access the Truecaller com website in order to have the number removed from the list, you will need to utilise a virtual private network (VPN).

  1. Is the phone number and name still visible after they have been removed from the True Caller website?

If you remove a phone number from the Truecaller database, it will take some time for the database to update to reflect the removal. Once the number has been erased from the Truecaller database, no name will appear on the caller id screen. In such an instance, the only number that will be accessible for Truecaller’s caller id will be the number that was previously shown. 

Please keep in mind that if you register to Truecaller again with the same phone number in the future, you will be required to enter a name during the registration process as well. In such an instance, the name associated with the Truecaller’s caller id will be shown from that point forward.

  1. Why am I unable to unlist a TrueCaller from the TrueCaller Android and iOS applications?

As previously stated, in order to remove a phone number from the TrueCaller database, we must first delete the TrueCaller account from either the iOS or Android application, after which we will only be able to remove the phone number from the TrueCaller website. 

As a result, there is no way to unlist a Truecaller number from either the Android or iOS operating systems. Consequently, the only alternative available was to get the number removed from TrueCaller by visiting the official TrueCaller website. 

In comparison to the TrueCaller app for Android and iOS, the TrueCaller app for Android and iOS is more focused on features such as Caller ID, Call Blocking, TrueCaller Instant messaging, Audio and Video calls, and so on. 

For example, if you use the TrueCaller messaging app and want to conceal your last seen location, you may do so using the mobile app’s settings menu. However, erasing the TrueCaller number can only be accomplished via the www Truecaller com unlist number. 

  1. How long will it take to delete a phone number from Truecaller’s database?

TrueCalller will usually delete the unlisted number from the Truecaller database within 24 hours. However, it is possible that it will take longer in certain instances. Alternatively, if the name and number are still visible in the Truecaller search after 24 hours, you may repeat the unlisted method to permanently remove the number from the Truecaller database.

  1. Is it necessary to have a Truecaller Premium or Trucaller Gold subscription in order to block a number?

In addition to greater features and an ad-free experience when using the Trucaller app, Truecaller Premium, Gold, and subscription plans are available. For example, there is no requirement for a membership to delete a phone number from the Truecaller database, and you may do it for free.

  1. Is it possible for me to utilise the Truecaller number that was previously unlisted again?

Yes, you may use the Truecaller number that has previously been removed from the Truecaller database at any point in the future to register a new Truecaller account. Once you have signed up for the TrueCaller service by dialling the number, you may use any name of your choosing to identify yourself. 

The name of the Truecaller will then appear in all searches as the Truecaller’s name. Once this is completed, you may begin utilising the TrueCaller for caller identification and the message function.

Everything About WWW Truecaller Com Unlist

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