Best VR Games Without Controller In 2022

Even though virtual reality is still in its infancy as the industry works to refine what the technology is capable of, this does not exclude you from having a good time with it. 

And, to top it all off, you don’t have to invest hundreds of dollars in specialized virtual reality equipment.  

So, here’s our list of the best VR games without controllers! For these enjoyable games to be played on your smartphone, all you need is a basic DIY headset, such as the Google Cardboard.

Best VR Games Without Controller

We hope you enjoy this list of the best VR games without controllers:

  1. Deep Space Battle VR

Do you wish to experience the sensation of piloting a Jedi Starfighter from the Star Wars universe? Also, do you want to know about one of the best VR games to play without a controller, then Deep Space is your thing. Then Deep Space Battle VR is a game you should check out. 

With a simple virtual reality headset, you will be able to fly over the sky and destroy opposing fleets at record speed. You must move quickly in this game, since taking a few consecutive bullets from hostile spacecraft would result in the game being over immediately. You may travel around the breathtaking galaxy landscapes and take in all of the powerful explosions that occur. 

All you have to do is move your head around, and your phone’s gyroscope will automatically adjust your aim as you fly through the air. You will be able to wipe down hundreds of spacecraft in a short period if you just gaze at your opponents and fire. This is one of the best VR games without controller.

  1. End Space

Let’s talk about one of the best VR games without controller. In contrast to Deep Space Battle VR (one of the best VR games without controller free) which has intended for Android users, End Space VR has intended for iOS users alone. The game is quite engrossing, owing to the excellent 3D visuals, which make everything seem as genuine as possible even though it is a smartphone game. 

The game is entirely dependent on skill, and the more waves of adversaries you defeat, the more difficult the game becomes over time. Due to the game’s high level of engagement, there are several game options to choose from that will keep you enthralled for hours on end. 

It is entirely dependent on the head gazing technology, and you do not even need to push any buttons since the gameplay is governed by how you move your head around from one point to another. This is one of the best VR games without gyroscope and controller.

  1. Trooper 2

When it comes to first-person games in virtual reality, and one of the best VR games without gyroscope and controller, most people think of titles such as Resident Evil 7 and other high-end titles that need the use of controllers and high-quality VR headsets to play. The question is, what if you do not have access to a high-end virtual reality headset or virtual reality controllers? 

Fortunately, you can still enjoy an accurate first-person shooting experience on your smartphone by using Google Cardboard or any other bespoke DIY headset that you may already own and have lying around. One of the most appealing aspects of Trooper 2 is that it is also accessible to those who are new to first-person shooter games. 

It is not necessary to be a seasoned first-person shooter with a god-like aim to be successful in trooper 2, since it is all about awareness. With the game, you get complete 360-degree coverage, allowing you to fire while looking in any direction you want. There are also no restrictions on mobility in the game. 

It is recommended that you play in a spacious area so you will not be banging into random things and perhaps injuring yourself while you are playing. This is one of the best VR games without gyroscope and controller.

  1. Roller Coaster VR

This is one of the best VR games for Android without controller. Have you ever wanted to ride a roller coaster but have been too terrified to do so because of your fears? Well, you may now do so on the VR Roller Coaster as many times as you want, for as long as you want. 

Probably the most enjoyable aspect of the game is that you can not only ride on exciting roller coasters, but you can also design your own and let your imagination run wild while designing it. There are more than 60 courses from which to pick, and you may customise not just the roller coasters, but also the complete theme park environment. 

There are also a variety of roller coaster cars from which to pick, as well as the option to mix and match them depending on how intense you want your experience to be. As soon as you have finished building your fantasy roller coaster, just put it into your Google Cardboard and you are ready to ride. Using excellent headphones, it will feel precisely like riding a genuine roller coaster, except without the actual sensations. 

It’s a terrific activity to spend some time with since it not only gets your creative juices flowing but also provides pleasant adrenaline high on demand. Because there is no need for a controller, this is one of the most affordable methods to get started with virtual reality gaming. This is one of the best VR games for Android without controller.

  1. Smash Hit

Smash Hit is one of the best VR games for Android without controller, which is available for the Oculus Rift as well as mobile devices, is one of the most iconic virtual reality experiences available. The game is well-made to the point that a cardboard headset is sufficient to provide you with the full experience without the need for a controller. 

You may also choose to play it as a standard mobile game without any VR components, but this will significantly reduce the amount of enjoyment you will have playing it. If you haven’t heard of the game before, it is a fast-paced shooter that lets you glide across realities that are filled with vibrant colours, obstacles, and other interesting things. 

The game design is very stunning, and you will find yourself unable to put the game down once you start playing. There are little glass impediments that will attempt to block you from moving, and it is your responsibility to remove them so that you do not end up in a collision. 

The different animations that occur when you pull an item out of your pocket or smash into something seem to be really sophisticated and beautifully developed, and they are clearly above and above the norms of the usual mobile game. This is one of the best VR games without a controller, especially on android.

  1. X-Racer VR

Virtual reality racing game VR X-Racer is a great option if you like racing games but are weary of playing them on your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One and want something that seems more realistic. 

Although the game does not have the mind-blowing graphics that a game like Need for Speed would provide, you do gain access to a well-designed racer that will keep you fascinated with its magnificent 3D layered visuals and engaging gameplay. Although you will be competing against AI-driven vehicles, you will discover that the majority of races are neck-and-neck and much too close for comfort to be considered competitive. 

While most racing games concentrate only on the racetrack and adversaries, VR X-Racer includes random obstacles that emerge on the map to keep you on your toes and the racetrack. To operate your automobile, all you have to do is tilt your head in any way, and you will be able to drive in any direction. 

Simply move your head back if you wish to brake while cutting corners, and move your body left or right to turn your vehicle. X-Racer is one of the best VR games without controller for Android.

  1. Highway Traffic 360

This is one of the best VR games without a controller for Android. Street racing isn’t exactly legal, but if you want to participate in it without being arrested or harming yourself, all you need is a smartphone and a simple VR gear, and you’re ready to go. There are a vast variety of automobiles to pick from, each of which can be modified with stuff that you acquire as you go through the game. There is something for everyone. 

It is one of the most well-polished virtual reality games available, with no frame drops or technological difficulties. It is possible to operate your automobile without the need for any buttons, and the controls will feel quite accurate depending on how excellent the gyro on your phone is. 

Menu navigation is also possible without the use of buttons; all that is required is that you glance at the appropriate alternatives and wait until the appropriate menu item is highlighted. This is one of the best mobile VR games without controller.

  1. Snow Strike

A snow battle does not need the presence of snow, and there is no better way to engage in one than with Snow Strike for Android or Oculus Rift. To experience the thrill of a snow battle even if you live in a warm area, just download the game and get started; no controllers are required! 

The player has the impression that they are playing a tower defence game in which they must protect their tower against other adversaries who are attempting to bring their castle down. To engage in combat, you only need to keep your head turned in the appropriate directions while aiming at your adversaries and pressing a button to fire. 

To evade incoming assaults, merely turning your head around in the appropriate directions is sufficient compensation. This is one of the best mobile VR games without controller.

  1. Darknet

If you want to experience the same feelings as Elliot Anderson from Mr Robot without getting into trouble with the authorities, you may do so on the dark web. The game borrows elements from cyberpunk films such as Blade Runner and combines them with intuitive puzzles to create a unique experience. 

To accomplish this, you must infiltrate various websites and infect them with viruses, exploits, and worms to steal sensitive information. In addition, you need to do all of this before the authorities become aware of what you are up to. Every second matters in this game since it is timed. 

While you do not need controllers to play the game, you will want a button on your headset to interact with all of the hacking nodes and other things that occur in-game to be effective. Considering the game is available on Android, Oculus Rift, PlayStation 4, and PC (Steam), you should have no trouble selecting the platform that best suits your needs. This is one of the best VR games without controller Android. You can also try playing Killing Floor Incursion as it is one of of the vr horror games without controller.

  1. Street Jump VR

The VR Street Jump game is one of the greatest virtual reality games available right now if you remember playing games like Frogger as a child and want to play something close to that. You navigate through traffic using only your head movement, and your goal is to avoid being hit because doing so will cause the level to be reset. 

In contrast to Frogger, which was a rather straightforward game, VR Street Jump can be extremely startling due to the need for pinpoint accuracy in movement. The added realism of virtual reality makes things significantly scarier than their 2D counterparts, which we all enjoyed playing as children. 

Even though it does not need a controller, you will need a suitable VR headset such as the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive since movement is controlled by button pushes. This is one of the best VR games without controller Android.

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