Best Scary Roblox Games In 2022

Gamers have always had a strong sense of belonging to a larger group of people. There has always been a connection amongst gamers, whether they are playing online games with strangers or searching for Among Us Discord servers. Roblox has swiftly risen to become one of the most popular and community-rich platforms available among the variety of community open-world games available. 

Roblox, which allows for the development of custom games, offers a diverse selection of games that span a broad range of genres, including shooters, roleplaying games, children’s games, and more. 

Even though Roblox seems to be a lovely and colorful game on the surface, there are many scary Roblox games to play. So, we have compiled this list with the scary Roblox games. Some of these scary Roblox games are R-rated. So, the reader’s discretion is advised!

Most Famous Scary Roblox Games

These are the best games in the segment of scary Roblox games:

  1. Dead Silence

When we talk about scary games on Roblox, then we have to include the name of this fantastic game. Dead Silence is a terrifying and stunning experience that should not be missed. Dead Silence, which is based on a horror film of the same name, puts you in the shoes of a private investigator. 

This is surely among the best scary games on Roblox. Your mission is to look into the disappearance of Mary Shaw, a murdered ventriloquist who is said to haunt the village where she was last seen. Because of its terrifying level design, which includes ominous creaking noises and murmured hushes, this is technically among the best scary games on Roblox that will guarantee that you keep the lights on when you go to bed.

  1. Alone In A Dark House

Roblox’s Alone in a Dark House is another exploration-based horror game that blends narrative elements with walking mechanics to provide a flurry of jump scares. This one of the best scary Roblox games to play with friends takes place in August 1996, and you play as a private investigator who goes to a tiny village. 

Your investigation will centre on a gruesome automobile murder, and your adventure will lead you to a large mansion that is full of mysteries. While you may believe the vacant space is nothing more than a collection of furniture, hidden tunnels brimming with dark mysteries await you. 

You’ll have to solve several riddles, as well as the larger mystery at the end of the game. Oh, and you’re not the only one that lives in that home. This is one of the best scary Roblox games to play with friends.

  1. The Mimic

The next name on the list of Roblox scary games is The Mimic. The Mimic is one of those Roblox scary games that you couldn’t finish because of its eerie setting. The game, which may be played in either single-player or multiplayer mode, is a horror adventure that is divided into many episodes. 

The Mimic is a fictional character based on four separate events from Japanese history and urban legends, each with its twist. Presented as four separate books, each chapter will transport you and your companions to fascinating realms filled with very terrifying level designs, loud sounds that appear out of nowhere, and a large number of jumpscares. 

Each chapter is divided into four parts. While you may play this Roblox horror game with a friend, we encourage you to do so if you don’t want to suffer as a result of your actions.

  1. Insane Elevator

When trying this one of the best scary games to play on Roblox, the idea is that you enter an elevator and have a chance to win some in-game cash, but it’s generally something terrifying (a Slender, a Piggy, some Zombies). It is played with a large number of other people. 

Because Insane Elevator isn’t very frightening, it’s one of the most popular horror games on Roblox. This game is suitable for players of all ages, and a large number of other players gathered in one place makes it more enjoyable than frightening.

  1. Survive The Killer

Survive The Killer is a round-based game developed by Slyce Entertainment that features numerous renowned murderers, like Jason, Pennywise, and Slenderman, among others. The players must either flee from the murderer or, in certain cases, become the killer themselves.

Survive The Killer contains several different maps, which the players choose during each game. At the start of the game, one player will be chosen at random to be the murderer, and the other players will have to work together to survive the round. 

The person who has been chosen to be the murderer gets to choose whatever classic slasher celebrity they want to portray for the round, and they aim to eliminate all of the other players from the game. This is one of the best scary games to play on Roblox!

  1. Piggy

What could be more menacing than a Pig carrying a baseball bat? Nothing, of course. Nothing. There is nothing more wicked. A long-running popular franchise, if you can call Roblox games a franchise, the Piggy series of Roblox games have drawn hundreds of thousands of players throughout its existence. 

The objective of the game is straightforward: solve a problem while avoiding the glaring, lifeless eyes of Piggy. The game is presently in its second book and seventh chapter, and it has had more than eight billion visitors as of the time of this publication. That’s a significant number of participants.

  1. Casual Board Game

A disturbing experience, Casual Board Game by Morbid Games includes jump scares, loud sounds, and flashing lights, all of which add to the overall atmosphere. It is via the use of a realistic-looking Ouija Board that players connect with and immerse themselves in the “casual board game.” The players sit at a table and utilise the Ouija board to interact with an entity that seems to be in the same room as they are. 

While they may ask multiple questions and get responses, they will want to be cautious about what they ask to avoid provoking the creature. Based on the player’s behaviours, such as breathing, playing the piano, and taking steps, frightening sounds may be heard all around him or her. Maintaining the candles’ flames and avoiding angering the entity with whom they speak is essential for survival.

  1. Floppy’s Playtime

This Roblox horror game, Floppy’s Playtime by Omniprofit, is based on the famous horror game Poppy’s Playtime. However, this version of the horror game is free to play on Roblox. Players must uncover the mysteries behind Floppy’s factory, as well as why everyone who worked there seemed to have vanished without a trace. 

Floppy’s Playtime is a horror puzzle game in which players may either play alone or in groups of three to complete the challenges. They must navigate through a desolate factory, evading terrifying toys that come to life and Floppy himself, who is on the prowl for them. 

Their objective is to solve riddles to discover the truth about what transpired in the facility and, eventually, to make it out alive.

  1. Deepwoken

It is necessary to pay 400 Robux to participate in Deepwoken by Vows by the Sea; nonetheless, it is definitely worth the money spent. This game is not only terrifying, but it is also full of adventure, discovery, and personal growth opportunities.

Within this adventure, players may find a whole new universe where they can acquire special skills, create a one-of-a-kind character, and explore an uncharted area within an endless sea. 

Taking a character down in this challenging game is irreversible, and the player must start again from the beginning if they do not want to be forever dead. Players may explore the sea by navigating it, but they must be on the lookout for the dangers that lie under the surface of the murky waters.

  1. The Maze

It’s time to find your way out of a labyrinth, but this one will be a little scarier. You are thrown into an underground and pitch-black labyrinth, with just a flashlight in your hand to guide you out of the situation. 

It gets more terrifying as the flashlight’s battery begins to run low and strange monsters begin to materialise in your path. You may work in groups of up to 12 people to find your way out of this strange and terrifying labyrinth.

  1. A Wolf Or Other

Killing the wolf before the full moon or being killed by him is the choice. This horror game on Roblox has three different characters: the Innocent, the Hunter, and the Wolf. It is the innocent’s obligation to track down and kill the wolf so that the hunter may complete his mission. It is more than simply a horror game; it is also a combination of a party game and a horror game.

Have A Great Time With Scary Roblox Games

The list of scary Roblox games to play is seemingly endless and includes everything from the Naruto-inspired Shindo Life to the anime-inspired Slayers Unleashed and Pet Simulator X. While most Roblox games are bright and colourful, there are a few scary Roblox games that will give you a spine-tingling shiver down your spine.

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