Best PS5 Headsets For Great Gaming Experience

The best PS5 headphones provide a more personal approach to experience rich in-game audio while also allowing you to communicate with friends through the built-in microphone. Even sophisticated 3D audio capabilities are supported by the PS5, which may be supplied via various headsets to provide an even more immersive audio experience.

Today, we will be talking about the best PS5 headsets. We will list down the PS5 compatible headsets that you could purchase and enjoy HD audio quality while gaming!

Best PS5 Headsets To Buy Right Away

These are the best PS5 headsets:

1. Turtle Beach Recon 500

You’ll inevitably have to make choices while attempting to stay within your budget when purchasing gaming headphones, let alone the finest PS5 headsets. Extraneous features and opulent building materials are often the first things to be sacrificed in the production of these sets. 

Since Turtle Beach’s newest the long-running brand costs less than $100/£100, you won’t find any of them on the Recon 500. What you will discover, though, is sound that is so amazing that it will take your breath away, and a PS5 headset experience that is both high-quality and not too taxing on the pocketbook. 

The injection of wood composites is a new technique. Drivers with a 60mm diameter. Per earcup, there are dedicated woofers and tweeters. Even though it doesn’t seem like a formula for crisp, accurate sound, it all comes together in a tremendous rush of ultra-responsive bass, detailed high end, and a very flat EQ curve with only a hint of perceptible kick farther down the frequency range. This is one of the best PS5 compatible headsets.

2. SteelSeries Arctis 7P+

Those who are acquainted with the SteelSeries Arctis 7P will find the 7P+ to be very similar in appearance. It’s worth noting that although the latter is still an outstanding PS5 headset and will remain on our list for as long as it is available, SteelSeries has given it a fresh lease of life with several improvements – and the results are fantastic. 

These useful upgrades do not have a significant impact on the actual sound, but they do provide a more enjoyable way to experience the already outstanding audio. In addition to enhanced connectivity, a longer 30-hour battery life, and a quick-charge capability on the battery, this is reflected in the device’s design. 

If you currently own an Arctis 7P, none of these issues will be a concern; but, if you’re looking for a top-tier PS5 headset, these issues might be the deciding factor. However, sound quality is paramount, and the 7P+ picks up where the 7P left off in terms of providing superb performance. 

Clear, distinct, detailed, rich, and well-rounded sound – the lack of bass is a minor issue, but it is the only true one we have with the system. It’s also worth noting that the excellent build of the Arctis series has not been compromised: there’s a chic design, the build makes the headset solid while maintaining great comfort, and the ski-goggle headband, retractable microphone, and onboard controls have all remained as excellent as they were before. It is one of the best PS5 compatible headsets.

3. Sony PS5 Pulse

Unsurprisingly, the official PS5 headset from Sony is a top-tier performance. The Pulse 3D headset, which uses the same design language and looks as the PlayStation 5 and its peripherals, retains a delicacy in its shape – there’s no extruding boom mic, and all of the technology is concealed away in a little compartment. 

You’ll find all of the essential technology to immerse yourself in the PS5’s Tempest 3D AudioTech behind the sleek frame, with the Pulse 3D headset serving as the ideal method to get the most out of your new console’s audio. Miles Morales’ battle roars with multi-layered audio richness, and the headset produces beautifully rich and nuanced sound as you navigate Astro Playroom’s extremely chaotic platforms.

When the action slows down, the Pulse 3D headset and the Tempest audio magic of the PS5 come together to produce something magical: spacecraft zipping past your head in Astro, or footsteps’ precise direction of movement being detectable in Miles Morales. It is one of the best PS5 compatible headsets!

4. Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2

The next one in our list of best headsets for PS5 is Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2. To produce this Gen 2 version, Turtle Beach has completely redesigned the Stealth 700 with the PS5 in mind. At the same time, the Stealth 700 has been greatly updated from its predecessor to achieve a considerable performance boost. This model has received a design improvement from its predecessor, with a more understated look and a flip-to-mute microphone that can be folded neatly into the earcup. 

The buttons have been restructured and relocated to a single earcup, where they are conveniently sized and spaced. The new design makes the headset very comfortable, with soft memory foam cushions that include Aerofit cooling gel as a standout feature. This allows you to use the headset for long periods without experiencing aches, strains, or pains. 

Importantly, the makeover ensures that it will be compatible with the PlayStation 5 wirelessly, which is a major plus. The evidence, as they say, is in the eating, and the Stealth 700 Gen 2 headset delivers an amazing audio experience. Its big drivers provide excellent all-around sound, and the option to fine-tune the music to your preferences via the Audio Hub adds depth to the variety of conceivable soundscapes. 

It’s also worth mentioning that the Superhuman Hearing function is a welcome addition, since it may offer you an advantage in online shooters, while the bass increase can create some real rumbling during a heart-pounding campaign task. A fantastic headset that will serve you well on both the PS4 and the PS5, as well as an early and fierce challenger for the best PS5 headset. This one is among the best headsets for PS5.

5. Razer Kaira X

If we talk about headsets for PS5, then Razer is a must mention! Razer’s first PlayStation 5 headset is a good piece of kit. Because the Barracuda is an ‘X’ edition, we won’t receive the full-blown premium Kaira for PlayStation until later in the year. However, the Kaira X for PlayStation is still a solid competitor for anyone wanting superb sound at about the $60 / £60 price point. 

And this is a critical aspect of what makes this headset so outstanding: the value is exceptional, and the overall value for money is terrific. The sound quality supplied by Razer’s TriForce 50mm speakers inside the headset is exceptional and uncompromising – deep bass, lush middles, and tight, exquisite highs are all delivered with clarity and precision. 

For this pricing range, the mix and surround sound is also very good, if not excellent. The mic is adequate, but it lacks the warmth and overall richness of more luxury headsets, such as the Kaira Pro, which is presently only available in an Xbox version, but a PlayStation 5 version is on the way. 

As a PS5 companion headset, this is a fantastic value for money alternative from Razer, and it demonstrates that the Kaira range will provide a fantastic selection of options when the rest of the range is launched. This is among the best headsets for PS5. 

6. Audeze Penrose

It is fair to say that the Audeze Penrose is a high-end PlayStation 5 headset in almost every definition of the term. The fact that it is an expensive headset does not detract from the fact that this one comes close to justifying its cost. Because it delivers some of the greatest audio available in a headset on PlayStation, and it’s compatible with both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, as well as PC; the investment is worthwhile, and the advantages of opting for a premium headset will soon be given directly to your ears and brain. 

The headset is well-constructed and has a pleasing design aesthetic that is draped over a solid and robust construction, all of which contribute to it being a pleasant piece of equipment to use for long periods. And you’ll be able to do so as well, thanks to a battery life of around 15 hours. 

The 100mm drivers in the headset, however, are responsible for producing some of the richest, most detailed, and outstanding audio available for PlayStation users. Wind, footfall, and conversation are all heard – even at a distance – in the surround sound, and the balance is excellent, with highs that don’t screech and bass that isn’t muddy at all, but rather boomy and powerful. 

If you’ve been seeking to get a premium headset, to put all of your eggs in one high-quality, fantastic basket, then this is likely to be the only PS5 headset you’ll ever need – and maybe even more than that. This one is one of the best headsets compatible with PS5.

7. SteelSeries Arctis 7P

The SteelSeries Arctis 7P is, without a doubt, a very excellent PlayStation 5 headset. Every aspect of it exudes SteelSeries quality as well as Arctis line quality, and this is instantly apparent upon taking it out of the box. The design is stylish, and the construction is both solid and durable, while yet being light and comfortable. 

We found the ski-goggle style headband to be quite comfortable and simple to adjust – but it does tend to slip a little. The retractable microphone is of exceptional quality, and all of the onboard controls are well-organized, quick, and easy to use. While having the ability to adjust the microphone level for your voice is convenient, we seldom use it, and the feature set on PC will enable you to customise your experience to some degree while playing on a computer. 

Audio quality is outstanding throughout, especially in terms of crispness, clarity, and detail. The whole experience is enjoyable. The 40mm drivers perform an excellent job of reproducing Valhalla’s music, natural sounds, and a large portion of the battle noises as well. The bottom of the audio spectrum, on the other hand, could do with a little more punch, there’s a noticeable lack of bass on sometimes, which may result in an extremely unsettling amount of treble being shot directly into your skull. 

It may even cause you to grimace and cause your skin to lose its richness and roundness at times. Overall, it’s a fantastic bundle for anybody wishing to upgrade to the next-gen while still maintaining their PS4, but the SteelSeries Arctis 7P is a strong competitor for the best PS5 headset, and it’s well worth your money during the holiday shopping season. This is one of the best headsets compatible with PS5.

8. Sony PlayStation 4 Platinum

It’s only at the lower end that the 50mm drivers fall short of perfection, but there is an exceptional degree of audio detail and clarity, as well as surround sound and richness across the whole system. 

The overall audio experience is of exquisite quality. It also has an excellent feature set, at least on the PlayStation 4, with the headset including an excellent game/chat audio balancer, as well as the ability to store onboard some game audio profiles – specifically designed audio soundscapes for specific games – which greatly enhances the audio experience of games to an incredible extent. 

Even while we don’t know precisely how these features will be implemented in PS5, we do know that the quality of the Platinum headset puts it in a strong position to be one of the finest PS5 headsets available. And, without a doubt, one to consider if you’re looking for an official headset that can work with two fantastic platforms at the same time. 

It’s nevertheless worth noting that both the Platinum and Gold headsets have been developed with the PlayStation VR headset in mind, which applies to both next-gen and current-gen systems. As a result, they will work well in combination with the PSVR gear’s head-mounted display. This is one of the top PS5 headsets!

Check out our page for the greatest PlayStation VR packages to round up your gaming experience. Although its battery life and wireless connection range may be outclassed by other, more current rivals shortly, it remains a fantastic headset that we, for one, are looking forward to using in the magnificent world of PlayStation 5. It is one of the best PS5 headsets.

9. Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2

The Turtle Beach Stealth 600s, now in their second generation, are an excellent low-to-mid-level wireless headset that is compatible with the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC. Featuring well-tuned 50mm drivers, a reliable but unspectacular 15-hour battery life, and a comfortable fit – even while wearing glasses – the overall value for money is excellent. 

When you combine a simple setup procedure with a very affordable price tag, you have a true winner on your hands. This is an excellent alternative for gamers on a tight budget since the sound quality is excellent and the microphone sensitivity is suitable for people who prefer not to yell while communicating. 

However, due to the low price, the headset’s plastic seems a little flimsy, particularly across the headband and on the ear cups, and sadly, the ear cups get a little unpleasant during extended gaming sessions. The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 headsets, on the other hand, are an excellent follow-up to a cheap wireless headset. It is one of the top PS5 headsets.

10. Razer Barracuda X

If you can get your hands on one of them for $99.99, you’ll be pleased with your purchase. Given that it has outstanding audio quality, a reliable wifi connection is comfortable to use for extended periods and seems to be well-made, it represents fantastic value. 

Of course, you’ll be foregoing the EQ settings of a more PC-focused set of cups, but if all you’re looking for is an economical set of cups that will bring your PS5 games to life without requiring you to fiddle with a slew of options, this is the set for you. 

The design is also discreet enough to fit into a commuting or travelling environment, with an inconspicuous design that won’t dazzle your fellow passengers with bright RGB or take up half of the carriage with massive cups, as is the case with many other smartphones. 

With a weight of just 250g, they are among of the lightest cups available on the market right now – even lighter than the Logitech G733, which is often regarded as one of the most comfortable choices available. As a result, you’ll be able to engage in extremely extended gaming sessions without feeling fatigued or exhausted. 

This is because there is a well-cushioned headband and plush padding on each side, which allows for a comfortable temperature without causing your ears to be crushed.

Experience Great Gaming Experience With Best PS5 Headsets

These were the best PS5 headsets that you can purchase using your hard-earned money for a great gaming experience. We hope you liked this article. 

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