Definitive Guide On Knowing How To Hide Snap Score

Hiding your Snap score is the most effective method of preventing those strange individuals from monitoring you on Snapchat. Only by eliminating that individual from your buddy list will you be able to accomplish your goal. If the individual is no longer on your friend list, he or she will not be able to see your snap score on your profile until you give them permission. In this article,

By adding random individuals or celebrities to your Snapchat account and sending them snaps, you may be able to raise your Snap score. For someone to be unable to view your Snapchat score or even your profile, you must either block or delete them from Snapchat. This will prevent them from seeing your Snapchat score or even your profile, and it will be completely hidden. 

However, if you opt to delete the person from your Snapchat buddy list, the person will discover your profile but will not see your score; however, if you choose to ban him fully, your profile will be absolutely unreachable. When it comes to streaks, they are very simple to understand (and ignore if you aren’t interested), but there is a lot more ambiguity around Snapchat’s scoring process inside the programme. 

Even though Snap Inc. maintains their techniques for determining your Snapchat score a well-guarded secret, lots of Snap sleuths have managed to figure out what they are by just paying attention to the number as it climbs. Each day, your score will rise in direct proportion to the amount of time you spend using the app, rising each time you send a snap to someone or each time you open a snap that someone else has sent to you. 

A large number of users like this Snapchat feature since it increases the likelihood that you will use the app on a consistent basis. However, for individuals who aren’t trying to brag about their Snapchat success, the competitiveness and the pressure to improve your score on a daily basis may prove to be a source of frustration.

Going forward in this article, we will learn how to hide snap score.

How To Calculate The Snap Score

Before knowing how to hide your snap score, we will know how to calculate the snap score! Once you open the Snapchat app on your iPhone or Android smartphone, the app will automatically load into your camera viewfinder. To access your profile, click on the profile symbol in the upper-right corner of your screen. This profile symbol will be your Bitmoji’s face if you’ve generated and synchronised a Bitmoji with your Snapchat account. 

If you haven’t, you’ll see a Snapchat silhouette as your profile picture. By tapping on this button, Snapchat will take you to your profile page, where you’ll be able to add friends, share your Snapcode, and see all the Stories you’ve shared thus far on your account. Your username and Zodiac sign, which indicates your birth date range, will be shown with a matching number that ties your account to your point collection, which will be displayed below that. 

It is possible that this score will be as low as zero points, or as high as six-digit numbers, depending on your level of experience using Snapchat. This number is your Snapchat score, and it displays the total number of points you’ve earned over a certain period of time. 

To view your sent and received scores inside Snapchat, tap the score to reveal it both on the left-hand side of the screen and on the right-hand side of the screen, respectively. Now will see the definition of snap score before going ahead with the section of how to hide your snap score.

Definition Of Snap Score

Now we will see the definition of the snap score before going ahead with how to hide your snap score from someone. Snapchat has never clearly detailed how their points system works, which makes it tough to keep track of how many points are being awarded at any one moment in the day. Even yet, by just completing a few tests and using some basic arithmetic, we may get a simple breakdown of these points depending on the work we are now performing.

  • A single point is awarded for sending or receiving a snap, while certain snaps seem to provide extra points for unidentified reasons.
  • The fact that you sent the identical photo to thirty, sixty, or one hundred individuals on your Snapchat friends list does not entitle you to more points does not entitle you to further points.
  • Adding a photo to your tale earns you a point, but just browsing through stories does not.
  • Similarly, submitting video stories that include numerous videos (each lasting longer than ten seconds) does not seem to result in any extra points.
  • Creating or maintaining a streak does not result in any extra points being awarded. Furthermore, just as sending a chat message does not allow you to prolong a streak, sending chats does not boost your Snap score.

As previously said, this is just what we have determined to be the most certain way to get you those desired points. In spite of these facts, there are certain strange outliers in which points grow in significant numbers without any form of explanation as to why the points increase in the first place. 

Nonetheless, we can simply identify how to get some additional points by following the principles outlined before. Let’s have a look at how to manipulate the scoring system in Snapchat, which will be useful for readers who want to improve their Snap score as quickly as possible. Now we will see is it possible to view my snap score before knowing how to hide your snap score from someone.

Is It Possible For Others To View My Snap Score?

It is necessary for both parties to add each other as friends on Snapchat in order to view each other’s snap scores. The snap score of one party will not be visible to the other party as long as neither has added the other as a friend on the social media platform. Snapchat scores are only visible to those who have both added you as a friend and who have been added by you as a friend. 

Adding someone as a friend and then not adding them back means they will not be able to view your Snapchat ranking. Furthermore, if someone adds you as a friend but you do not add them back, you will not be able to view their Snapchat score on the platform. It is necessary for both parties to add each other as friends on Snapchat in order to view each other’s snap scores. 

Otherwise, neither party will be able to observe the results of the other’s game. The column beneath your username will remain blank if someone searches for you on Snapchat and sees your profile.

How To Hide Snap Score?

It’s straightforward if they’re a Snapchat buddy of yours. After opening the app, slide to the left to reveal the Chat interface, and then choose the person you wish to see from the list, and you’re done. To access their profile screen, tap on their Bitmoji or the silhouette (for those who don’t have Bitmojis) at the top of the screen. 

If you tap on their username, you will be able to view their position on Snapmap and interact with them in many ways, including snapping, chatting, calling, and video chatting. You will also be able to access their preferences menu. It is possible to read your friend’s Snap score in its entirety at the top of this page, right next to their username, making it simple for you to compare it to your own score as you go through the game. 

In the event that you are not friends with the person whose score you are attempting to see, you will be unable to view their score. It is not possible to compare your Snapchat scores with someone else until you and that person have both mutually added each other, so keep that in mind before attempting to compare your scores with someone in your class who does not follow you.

How To Hide Your Snap Score From Others?

To keep your Snapchat score hidden, you must either delete the individual from your buddy list or ban them on the app itself. A user can only view another’s snap score if both parties have added each other as friends, which is the case in this case.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a privacy feature on Snapchat that enables you to keep your snap score hidden from other users of the app. But you can control who may contact you, browse your storey, see your location, and see you in Quick Add by adjusting your privacy settings in the Settings menu. 

Snapchat’s “Contact Me” feature enables you to choose who has access to send you snaps, chat with you, or phone you on the app. From the “View My Narrative” option, you may choose who has access to your storey (everyone, my friends, or a specific group of people). In Quick Add, you can also control who has access to your location and whether or not others can see you at all times. 

A person can only view your Snapchat score if they have both added you as a friend and you have also added them as a friend on the Snapchat platform. As a result, if you want to keep your Snapchat score hidden from a particular individual, you must first unfriend them from the app. If you wish to entirely shut them out, you may do so by blocking them instead.

Follow these steps for knowing how to hide snap score:

  1. Open The Snapchat Application

To begin, open the Snapchat score and choose your conversation list from the drop-down menu. Your conversation list may be found in the bottom navigation bar, in the second icon from the left, in the second column. To access your conversation list, open Snapchat and choose the second icon from the left on the bottom navigation bar to the left of the screen. 

Please keep in mind that this approach necessitates the removal or blocking of the individual from Snapchat. There is currently no way to keep your snap score a secret from someone with whom you are still friends unless they have banned or deleted you from their social network account. 

In the same vein, if someone were to unfriend you on Facebook, they would no longer be able to view your snap score for that day. It is possible that someone may delete you as a friend, and the status beneath their name will read “Pending.” 

As a result, before moving on to the next step, double-check to see whether the person in question is already a Snapchat buddy of yours. Due to the fact that if you aren’t friended by them on Snapchat, they won’t be able to see your snap score in the first place. If this is the case, the remainder of the procedure is superfluous.

  1. Find The Accounts From Whom You Want To Hide Snap Score

Once you’ve accessed your chat list, look for the individual from whom you wish to conceal your Snapchat score. Locate the individual from whose profile you wish to conceal your Snapchat score and visit their profile. You can get their Snapchat username by going to chat > Bitmoji > triple-dots icon and searching for their username. 

You may look for the person’s username by using the search option located in the top-left corner of your screen. As an alternative, you may scroll down the page to discover the exact individual. After you’ve located the individual, touch on their name to open the chat window. 

Then, in the top-left corner of your screen, touch on their Bitmoji to be taken to their personal profile. There are a variety of alternatives available on their profile, including the triple-dots symbol, request location, submit my location, and so on. Tap on the triple-dots symbol, which represents the choice you wish to choose. To access this feature, click on the triple-dots symbol in the upper-right corner of your screen.

  1. Unfriend The Targeted Accounts

An open navigation drawer will appear once you have clicked on the three dots symbol on the person’s profile page. Remove someone from your friend list and your Snapchat score will be hidden from them. By contrast, banning someone on Snapchat will not only conceal your Snapchat score from them, but it will also hide your whole Snapchat profile from them. 

On the navigation drawer, there are a total of 13 different choices. Only two options—Block and Remove Friend—are going to need your attention, so narrow your search to them. If you want to keep your Snapchat score a secret from someone, you must either delete them as a friend or ban them on Snapchat. 

To unfriend someone on Snapchat, choose “Remove Friend” from the drop-down menu. Once you delete someone from your friend list, they will no longer be able to view your Snapchat score, even if they had added you as a friend in the past. When you block someone on Snapchat, they will not only be unable to see your Snapchat score, but they will also be unable to see your whole profile. 

This means that they will no longer be able to discover you on Snapchat unless they use a separate account to do so. If you wish to keep your snap score hidden from numerous individuals, you’ll have to delete them from your buddy list one at a time by following steps 1 through 3.

Our Final Take On How To Hide Snap Score

It is very necessary to conceal your Snapchat score if you want to keep your Snapchat activity from being discovered by others. It’s unfortunate, but there isn’t a method to conceal your snap score without deleting or blocking the individual. To make further privacy adjustments, visit the “who can…” section of your account settings and choose “who can…” as a category.

You can manage who can contact you, who can watch your storey, who can see your location, and who can see you in quick add-in that area. So, this was all about how to hide snap score!

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