Olivia Ponton is an American lady who’s well-known as an Instagram star. She is greatly acknowledged for travel, lifestyle, and version pictures on her Instagram account. 

Instagram is an image-sharing social media application acknowledged via means of many names together with Insta, IG, and Gramm. In a quick length of time, her charming travel, lifestyle and version pictures became very famous. And, as I said, the relaxation is recorded. So who’s Olivia Ponton and where did she come from? 

Who is Olivia Ponton? 

Olivia Ponton is the Influencer of American social media. A social media big name has acquired a whole lot of interest along with his pictures and videos on TikTok and Instagram. A few years later, she received 3.5 million followers, Twitter, and Olivia Ponton TikTok. She is likewise a hit version. 

 She began her profession in  2016 and now owns a self-titled Instagram channel. She additionally worked as a version for Wilhelmina USA. Olivia Ponton TikTok’s star has a charming character and is gaining reputation due to her skills and abilities proven on social media. She is obsessed with growing compelling, awesome online content material that conjures up many. 

Biography and Education

Olivia Ponton was born on  May 30, 2002. Olivia Ponton age is 19 years old in April 2021. She was born and raised in a middle-magnificence circle in Naples, Florida, USA. She is thought to be an American citizen and believes in the Christian religion. 

 She graduated from Naples High School in Naples, Florida, USA. She hasn’t enrolled in any university yet. Since early life, she has been extra inquisitive about dancing and acting than studying. She has participated in lots of competitions and labored tough to comprehend her dream of turning into a famous dancer and actress withinside the industry. 

Net worth-$ 800 thousand US dollars 

Birthday-May 30, 2002 

Age -19 

Birthplace – Naples, Florida, United States 

Occupation -Instagram Celebrity 

Nationality – American 

Zodiac  – Leo 

School – Naples High School, Florida, USA 

 Education Qualifications – High School 

What is Olivia Ponton doing? 

Like many cutting-edge influencers, she is known for her TikTok videos proposing dance challenges, lip-sync, and of course different influencers within the industry. At the age of 18, she changed into a  member of HypeHouse with over 4.8 million TikTok fans. 

Her reputation got here via Olivia Ponton TikTok and Olivia Ponton Instagram accounts. In 2016 she swept social media. She quickly discovered TikTok, and shortly a social media character published a mixture of dance, lip-sync, and comedy movies on her account. 

Family, Friends, Relationships 

 Olivia Ponton’s father is Mr. Ponton, an exchange librarian, and his mother’s name is Mrs. Ponton, a housewife. Olivia Ponton’s marriage record is unmarried. She had formerly had a relationship with another social media big name, Kio Cyr. 

Physical Stats

Social media stars and influencers are pretty tall, slender, and well-maintained.  Olivia Ponton is a  warm and fantastic influencer who appears lovely in business. She is known for her fascinating character. She has a candy smile, a lovable appearance, and a slender frame. 

 She has a narrow slim body with a measurement of approximately 34,26 and 35 inches.  Olivia Ponton’s height is 5feet 8inches tall and weighs approximately fifty-five kg. She has lovely blonde colors, long, vivid hair, lovely hazel bubbles, and charming eyes. 


 Olivia Ponton began her profession via means of posting videos to Instagram. She has published many thrilling videos on her Instagram, together with travel, lifestyle, and modeling pictures. She additionally appears in Instagram pictures with Taylor Machat. She additionally has a TikTok account and is a member of the Triller Compound.

Facts and Information 

  •  She has been lovable given that early life and changed into additionally inquisitive about modeling. 
  •  She spends a whole lot of time modeling, growing movies, clicking pictures, and making plans for her traveling profession. 
  •  She spends a whole lot of time in the fitness center and does a whole lot of exercise.
  •  She loves to be healthy. 
  • She keeps her health, however, is a large foodie and enjoys eating junk food. 

Where does Olivia Ponton live? 

 She recently moved to Los Angeles as one of the brand new contributors of HypeHouse. 

 She teamed up with different video artists and moved to HypeHouse to create extra content material.  Hype House is a TikTok content material condo with TikTok stars capturing movies together. 

 With her online activities, photogenic behavior, appealing frame form, and style, she has quickly become a version. She landed a version gig in Wilhelmina, USA. 

Who is she Dating? 

 She commenced a relationship with Kio Seal in 2020, however, their dating ended later that year. 

Olivia has long been rumored to be dating Kalia Novak now, and she seems to have confirmed their relationship earlier this month. She had previously dated TikTok’s colleague Kio Cyr in 2020, but their relationship ended later that year. 

 In June 2021, Olivia decided in an interview with Teen Vogue to reveal that she was bisexual.

Net worth

The well-known TikTok star has accrued a widespread following through her efforts online.  Your internet is really well worth is likewise credited to back-door transactions and logo promotions. Her hit profession has made her one of the maximum influential social media influencers withinside the world. 

 She made a lot of money. Her internet really well worth is envisioned at $ 1 million.  Olivia Ponton’s online target market is developing each day. She keeps entertaining fanatics with cool pictures and videos.

Disney Show

Olivia Ponton’s Disney career started as an extra on the Disney Channel show Shake It Up!.

10 Facts About Olivia Ponton 

  •  Olivia Ponton (born  May 30, 2002) is a Tik-Tok big star.
  •  She was born in Miami, Florida, USA. 
  •  She is 17 years old now.
  •  She will quickly rejoice on her 18th birthday on May 30th. 
  • Her Zodiac sign is Leo 
  •  As for her measurements, she has a slender and tall body.
  •  Olivia Ponton is envisioned to be approximately 1.7 meters. 
  •  Her pores and skin color is likewise white. 
  •   Olivia ponton is likewise famous on social media, generally for her boyfriend Kio Sil. 
  •  Olivia Ponton is a big Tiktok star and an Instagram personality. 
  •  Olivia Ponton has over 1.6 million fans on Instagram. 
  •  She is likewise a large big star on Tik-Tok. 
  •  Olivia changed into capable of getting approximately 3M on its Instagram profile. 
  •  She additionally has approximately thirteen million likes. 
  •  But she is acknowledged for her innovative Tik-Tok videos and collaborations with different Tik-Tok stars like Kio Cyr. 
  •  As development progresses, the economic info of Internet celebrities has now no longer been released. 
  •  However, it’s far more positive than she makes a large amount of cash from social media.
  •  But her genuine internet worth is still unknown.
  •  The same goes for her family as well.
  •  She is slightly visible together along with her dad and mom besides for some images on Instagram.

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