Sanjana Banerjee Upcoming Movies, Net Worth & Bio

Sanjana Banerjee is an Indian Bengali actress who was born in Kolkata. She is also a model and television actor, with a focus on Bengali-language films, television dramas, and television series to her credit. She has appeared in a number of television commercials and short films. 

Following her first film “Fidaa,” in which she co-starred with Yash Dasgupta, she quickly achieved widespread recognition. Today, we will see Sanjana Banerjee biography. 

Early Life & Biography

In this section, we will see Sanjana Banerjee age and her early life. Sanjana was born on August 12, 1997, in Muscat, Oman. Her age is currently 22 years old. She was born to a Muslim family. She comes from a Hindu Bengali household, and she speaks Bengali. Sanjana was born and raised in the Sultanate of Oman. 

Her family resides in the area. She is quite close to her family, particularly to her mother. Nilanjana Banerjee is the name of her mother’s maiden name. A younger brother by the name of Swapnil Banerjee lives with Sanjana. Sanjana has finished her secondary education in Muscat. 

She travelled to Kolkata, her birthplace, to meet with her grandparents since she wanted to pursue a career as an actress and model. Her acting career took off after that, and she eventually settled in Kolkata in 2017. In addition, she is studying for her bachelor’s degree in Kolkata. 

If we talk about Sanjana Banerjee boyfriend, then Sanjana is not currently in a relationship and maintains a high level of secrecy about her personal life. She is completely devoted to her acting profession. 

Sanjana loves cats and is the proud owner of a cat named “Zoe.” She is a really cheerful and attractive young lady. So, we could say that Sanjana Banerjee boyfriend will also be a cat person!


Sanjana relocated to Kolkata in the year 2017 and began her modelling career there immediately. She has appeared in a number of television ads. SVF (Shree Venkatesh Films) approached her and asked her to come in for an audition. She participated in various acting courses before being cast in the film “Fidaa,” in which she co-starred with Yash Dasgupta. 

Pathikrit Basu directs the film, which was released in July 2018 and has received positive reviews. In the film, Sanjana Banerjee plays the main character of “Khushi,” who is played by Sanjana Banerjee. She has also collaborated with Jhon Bhattacharya on a music video for the song “Mithye Kotha.” In a few weeks, this music video received more than 3 million views on YouTube. Sanjana Banerjee upcoming movies are also fascinating!

Sanjana Banerjee is also well-known on social media platforms such as Instagram, where she has amassed a following of more than 68 thousand people. As a result of her Instagram presence, she has supported a number of well-known products and continues to interact with her followers in order to maintain contact with her audience.

Net Worth

A significant portion of Sanjana’s earnings comes from modelling, performing in Tollywood films, and appearing in music videos. She charges between 10 and 20 lakhs for every film. Her estimated net worth is in the region of Rs 2 crore. 

Her lavish lifestyle is presently being enjoyed by the actress. Sanjana has a few high-end automobiles in her collection, but she does not have access to all of the information about them at this time.

Social Media

Facebook: Despite the fact that his Facebook profile has been authenticated. The profile has been up and operating for some days now. We may observe sporadic postings, numerous films, parties, and personal images on this page. 796,448 people have followed me on Twitter.

Sanjana Banerjee Instagram: Sanjana Banerjee Social Media has a verified Instagram account, despite the fact that her profile is not public. We may observe sporadic articles, numerous films, parties, and personal photographs on this website. Her total number of messages is 341 Posts 200k Followers 471 Following. These were the stats of Sanjana Banerjee Instagram.
Twitter: Despite the fact that the Sanjana Banerjee Social Media profile has been authenticated. We may observe sporadic articles, numerous films, parties, and personal photographs on this page. Followers 13.3k, with 88 people following you.

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