Molly Eskam Bio: Age, Early Life & Controversy

Molly Eskam is a well-known YouTube personality and model who has more than 900,000 followers on Instagram and more than 480,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel combined. 

Molly is well recognized for her work as a swimsuit and bikini model, and she has walked the runway at several major modelling events, including the Courtney Allegra. The American model has a stunning physique as well as extraordinary modelling abilities. Going forward in this article, we will talk about Molly Eskam age and her other information!

Molly Eskam Bio: Who Is She?

Eskam is a model and social media celebrity from the United States. She has a self-titled YouTube channel where she publishes vlogs, which you can find here. Throughout her modelling career, she has been on various runway shows, including the Courtney Allegra Runway Show. 

In addition to being known for being in a relationship with the very successful YouTube gamer FaZe Rug, Eskam is also a very brave and gorgeous lady who has a lot of confidence. At first sight, her magnificent shape and beautiful face features are enough to captivate anyone’s attention! 

Eskam has a strong desire to pursue a modelling career and hopes to one day be recognised as one of the country’s top fashion models. She presently likes spending time on YouTube, where she can share her own life tales with the rest of the world. She enjoys shopping and experimenting with new cosmetic products and fashion outfits in her capacity as a beauty consultant and fashionista. 

She has a strong desire to travel and see new locations. She enjoys an active lifestyle and is particularly interested in the topic of healthy living. Molly Eskam Reddit is famous among fans!

Molly Eskam Age & Early Life

Molly Eskam age is 23 years. Her birthday is September 29, 1998, and she was born in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, United States. Molly Eskam is a white American who was born on September 29, 1998. Mrs Molly Eskam is the youngest of three children and the only daughter of Kent and Laurie Eskam. Molly Eskam Reddit is quite famous.

It is with her two older brothers – Chase and Chance – that she grew up in Carlsbad and has since continued to reside there. Her family had relocated from Scottsbluff, Nebraska, to Carlsbad, New Mexico, when she was a little kid. In the meanwhile, no information about her schooling is accessible, but based on her age, it is likely that she graduated from high school or equivalent. 

Molly Eskam began her online career on May 12, 2010, when she was twelve years old, on the 12th of May, in the year 2010. That was the year she became a member of YouTube for the first time. The contacts and phone calls she received as a result of her online exposure led to her being approached by swimsuit and lingerie businesses, which is how she began her modelling career. 

A lot of them hired her to work for them, and she also took part in the Courtney Allegra Shows. Molly Eskam YouTube channel has a variety of videos. It was launched in 2015. Living a healthy lifestyle, travelling, making jokes and learning about beauty are just a few of the topics covered on the channel. 

Her first YouTube video, “Q&A Cosmetic Surgery,” highlighted the benefits and drawbacks of plastic surgery and was a hit with viewers. She also answered a slew of questions from fans about cosmetic surgery, many of which were based on her own personal experience. A series of other videos followed, eventually establishing Molly’s much-desired online celebrity.

She has now established herself as one of the most well-known YouTube personalities, attracting widespread attention from all over the world. Travelling, shopping, and, of course, vlogging are some of her favourite pastimes. Molly Eskam Youtube is also famous!

Molly Eskam OnlyFans & Rise To Fame

Molly Eskam created her own YouTube channel on May 12, 2010, under the name Molly Eskam. Her first video was titled ‘Q & A Cosmetic Surgery,’ in which she discussed her own experience with plastic surgery as well as addressed some concerns regarding the procedure. ‘VLOG- Yelling at Strangers and How Models Stay Fit’ was the next video in the series. 

On January 16, 2017, Eskam shared her very first video with her gaming lover Faze Rug, which went viral. This movie, dubbed ‘F-ck, Marry, Kill with a Faze Rug,’ went viral in a matter of days, garnering hundreds of millions of views. Eskam continued to make vlogs regularly and grew to be a reasonably popular figure on the social media site. 

Her vlog channel now has over 484k followers and has had more than 26 million views. “How To Get Free Starbucks (Not Clickbait)”, “Pool Day With My Dogs,” and “Gold Digger Prank (Asking Faze Rug For 20K”) are three of the most popular vlogs on her YouTube channel. 

A free Starbucks coffee coupon is given to the viewer in the first video, which features an American model. During the second video, she is seen having a good time in a swimming pool with her dogs. As of October 2018, this video, which was first published on April 27, 2017, has had more than 1.3 million views. Also, Molly Eskam Instagram is very prolific. 

Molly Eskam Instagram appears to be a “gold digger,” and she begs her lover for a significant quantity of money in the third film, which is a joke. This prank has received over 1 million views and more than 30 thousand likes, making it quite fun to watch! Molly Eskam OnlyFans helped her to rise in fame.

Molly Eskam Twitter, Career & Achievements

Molly Eskam is famous on Twitter. In her childhood, Molly Eskam and her family relocated to Carlsbad, California, where she has lived ever since. Beginning in May 2010, she launched a self-titled YouTube channel, which highlights her vacation vlogs, amusing quips, and pranks. 

She has over 1 million subscribers. Since then, Molly has developed into a worldwide YouTube and Instagram star, gaining millions of fans all around the globe on both platforms. RiceGum and her lover FaZe Rug are among the numerous YouTube superstars with whom she has collaborated, which has also assisted her in gaining more publicity for her channel and increasing the number of views on her views video content. 

Molly Eskam had also shown an interest in modelling and had begun to shape her figure. She started participating in numerous modelling competitions as a swimmer and a bikini model shortly after. Molly has walked the runway at several high-profile modelling events, including the Courtney Allegra. 

A remarkable modelling skill, as well as an excellent body figure, may be found in the American model. She is now a well-known and prominent voice on both YouTube and Instagram, where she has over 480,000 subscribers and over 900,000 followers. 

Aside from her YouTube channel, she has gained a large number of followers on Instagram, thanks to her sexy and beautiful photographs. Her films are quite entertaining to the viewers, and as a result, the number of subscribers and followers continues to grow daily. 

Molly Eskam has risen to become the highest-paid YouTuber and Social Media Influencer in the world, thanks to her millions of admirers all around the globe. Until this day, Molly has published 97 videos to her YouTube account, which has received more than 23 million views to date. In the next section, we will be looking at Molly Eskam net worth!

Molly Eskam Net Worth

Now we will look at Molly Eskam net worth. Her primary source of revenue comes from brand endorsements, participation in different modelling events, and monetization of YouTube videos, among other things. To date, she has a net worth of around US $ 0.5 million. 

She and her family reside in their own home in Carlsbad, California, with her parents and two younger brothers. Molly drives a white “Mercedes Benz” E class for her daily commute, which has a monetary worth in and of itself. At this time, we do not have access to all of her real estate assets’ specifics. Now we will look at Molly Eskam height and other physical appearance!

Molly Eskam Height & Other Physical Traits

Many people assume Molly Eskam had cosmetic surgery to get her current appearance – the beautiful curves and well-rounded buttocks, the extra-large boobs and thick lips, and so on and so forth. The internet sensation, on the other hand, has not acknowledged this. She has, on the other hand, made it obvious that she is in favour of cosmetic surgery. 

Molly Eskam has a height of 5 feet 8 inches and a weight of 57 kilos, which are her physical characteristics. She has brown hair and hazel eyes, and she is a lovely woman. Molly has a well-trimmed hourglass form with a seductively curvy and beautiful hourglass figure measuring 35-26-35 inches in circumference. She’s a sultry bombshell, to say the least!

Molly Eskam Relationship

Awadis, who goes by the handle Faze Rug on social media, is a YouTube and gaming sensation who Molly is said to be dating. Faze Rug was the subject of her first video blog, which she posted on her YouTube page on June 30, 2017, in which she disclosed her relationship with him. 

Faze Rug himself is well-known for his prank videos and Call of Duty, and he has more than 11 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, as well as a net worth of more than 2 million dollars. Molly and Faze are both in their early twenties, with the latter having been born in 1996. Brian Awadis is a native of San Diego, and he has a brother named Brandon Awadis.

His parents were refugees from Iraq. Molly is undeniably a part of her boyfriend’s enormous celebrity since they often feature in one other’s videos. Meanwhile, neither Molly nor Faze Rug has ever made it obvious what the current state of their relationship really is.

Molly Eskam Social Media Platforms

Molly Eskam has amassed a significant social media following, one that is particularly noteworthy given her young age and early professional years. She presently has more than 1.2 million Instagram followers, about 9000 Twitter followers, and more than half a million YouTube subscribers, with more than 30 million views on her videos.

Molly Eskam Controversy

It is widely believed on the internet that Molly Eskam is a faker and that her videos are all staged to get attention. Many people have also questioned her age and have criticized her for dating a man who is younger than she is, even though the evidence to the contrary shows that she is not. 

The fact that Molly’s family is unknown adds more credence to the suspicions that she is fabricating everything. However, none of these claims is true at this time.

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