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Shruti Marathe is an Indian Actress, Model, who was born in Gujarat on October 09, 1986. So, Shruti Marathe age is 36 years. This celebrity is engaged in the industry from 2008-present, source of revenue is entirely from Films & TV Shows. She has acted in the majority of the regional languages such as Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Hindi and a few more. 

Shruti is highly known for her Milky Skin Texture and Sweet smile. She has been into performing since the year 2008, therefore has roughly 10+ years of experience. Now in recent times, Shruti was offered the opportunity to play support parts in Web series and TV serials, not favoured to take major roles.

Let’s see about the Shruti Marathe family. Her family place is Vadodara, Gujarat, where she was born in an upper middle-class household, her Father Parshuram Marathe and Mother Smita Marathe. She finished her collegiate education at St.Mira’s College for Girls, since she studied in Girls College, not gotten social exposure. 

Now let us see about her husband. Her husband is Gaurav Ghatnekar. He is active on Instagram. Now let us know about the Shruti Marathe movie list. Her movie list started from her appearance in the Marathi film Sanai Choughade (2008) together with Shreyas Talpade, directed by Rajeev Patil and produced by Deepti Shreyas Talpade and for the Tamil film is Indira Vizha (2009). (2009). She partnered with actors like Srikanth, Jeevan, Sachin Pilgaonkar and Sandeep Kulkarni. 

Shruti Marathe movie list shows her varied efforts integrate flicks like Naan Avanillai 2 (2009), Guru Sishyan (2010), Rama Madhav (2014), Taptapadi (2014), Bandh Nylon Che (2016), and Budhia Singh – Born to Run (2016). (2016). Regarding her employment in Rama Madhav, a pundit remarked that “as Parvatibai, Shruti Marathe brings out the perfect emotion as a woman waiting tight for her deceased hubby to come back from the war”.

In an assessment of Budhia Singh – Born to Run, a pundit remarked “However the unexpected surprise is Shruti Marathe as Biranchi’s better half, Gita. She maintains her ground against Manoj with decent vigour. She effortlessly passes on the emotional disruption of a husband and mother”. Likewise, she made her Kannada film debut with Aadu Aata Aadu, a variation of Thiruttu Payale (2006). (2006).

Net Worth

Her net worth has increased significantly in the years 2019 and 2020. So, what is the net worth of Shruti Marathe, who is 34 years old and lives in Mumbai? Shruti Marathe‘s income is primarily derived from her success as an entrepreneur. She is originally from India. We’ve calculated Shruti Marathe’s net worth, money, salary, income, and assets based on her public information.


Shruti Marathe (born 9 October 1986) is an Indian film actress who has appeared in Marathi cinema, Tamil cinema, and television. She is best known for her work in Marathi cinema, Tamil cinema, and television. She made her feature film debut in the Marathi film Sanai Choughade, which was directed by Shreyas Talpade, and in the Tamil film Indira Vizha, which was directed by Shreyas Talpade. A few of her other projects include films such as Naan Avanillai 2, Guru Sishyan, and Teecha Bapa Tyachka Baap, to name a few.

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